Important Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Using Cloud Services

Important Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Using Cloud Services

There are several important factors that you should know before you start using cloud services in UAE. These factors include cost, SLAs, and Business impact analysis. Read on to learn more. Using the right cloud service can reduce costs while improving your IT security. There are many benefits to using a cloud service. Below are some of the most important factors you must consider before using a cloud service.

Business impact analysis:

When migrating to a cloud service, conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BITA) is essential. A BITA is a document that documents the risks and implications of a change and allows an organization to weigh in on the decisions made. The document should define the scope of the analysis and determine which business units and technologies will be impacted. The report should also include the information required to complete the project, such as a detailed executive summary and the methodology used. It also includes details of the affected departments and the timeline of recovery.

Security parameters:

While cloud computing can be a great solution for certain business needs, there are certain security parameters to be aware of before putting your critical information on a public server. These parameters include the level of encryption and user restriction. The general rule is that cloud service providers should not disclose network security details or combination numbers unless it is necessary. Ensure that the provider you’re considering has strict security policies and practices to protect sensitive data.


Whether or not you will be using a cloud service, you should be aware of the SLAs before choosing a vendor. The SLA should include the following: a list of the types of cloud services available, the terms and conditions, payment methods, licensed software, and industry-specific standards. A service level agreement is similar to a contract and should be reviewed by a technical expert before signing the dotted line. When using cloud services, customers assume risk by placing data with the provider. A SLA should protect your business against that risk.


The cost of cloud computing depends on several factors. One important cost is data infrastructure. It consists of hardware, software licenses, and maintenance contracts. These costs can be used to estimate the total cost of ownership of cloud servers. In addition, you should consider your data storage and bandwidth needs to determine the costs of cloud servers. You should also consider the overall capacity of the cloud servers you will be using. Ultimately, the cloud computing cost should match your budget.

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